Described as truly elegant, our distinctive and dramatic baskets
are created one-at-a-time, to suit the needs of each client.  Each embellished basket or other unique container can be filled with a cornucopia of specialty items, including gourmet foods, quality
clothing, and spa products.

Each of our gift baskets is created especially for the recipient. The baskets shown here are representative of the types of containers and designs we have produced for our clients.

1 - Small wooden chest with sparkling cider and gourmet snack.
2 - A decorative 12" high metal plant holder.
3 - Wine bottle gift wrapped in burgundy satin wrap with embellishments.
4:7 - A variety of metal containers lined with fabric or tea towels and filled with assorted
gourmet foods and coffees. They range in height from 10" to 36".
8 - A harlequin patterned wooden chest with a selection of cheeses and other savory snacks.
9 - A towering basket, nearly 48" high, created out of three nesting wicker cubes, each filled
with an assortment of sweets, coffees, and gourmet foods, crowned by a tall silk orchid stalk.

For a distinctive gift, we can custom wrap your bottle of wine, using fabrics, fine ribbons, and other decorative materials. We will complete your package with a custom printed and personalized gift tag. Local delivery in Southern California.

The appearance of individual names, company names, and individual products in the text and/or photographs does not imply or convey any sponsorship or endorsement of our gift baskets by the clients/individuals, client companies, or manufacturing companies. The products are purchased for their quality and our customers' enjoyment.